Sunday, 13 November 2011

Baby Frankie update

Hi all, just a quick update from Bunny castle. Baby Frankie has settled right in he loves mummy cuddles, eating and sleeping he is 6 weeks old this week and has just started to smile although he only frowns when there is a camera pointed at him. Iv not had time to pee never mind do anything crafty but hubby very kindly took all 3 of the kids to his moms today and i had 6 wonderful hours to myself. i will do a post dedicated to my sunday makes when i get chance, i dont think ive ever got so much crafting done in one day! I also managed to work out how to use my new brother machine and its ace, i cant believe that i survived before without my automatic thread cutter and needle threader.

Here are some pics to keep you entertained........

 this is the massive nappy cake that my mom made me for frankie, she is so creative, thanks mom.

Frankie looking very co-ordinated in his purple polka dot pram (yes thats right i said purple polka dot pram, can you guess why i chose this pram over all the others available?) with the blanket i crocheted for him.

Frankie having a snooze in his ring sling, he loves his sling.

Frankie rockin out with daddy

Ok so theres your lot, i have been tryig to comment on your blogs but blogger hasnt been letting me. i asure you that i have been trying to keep up with you all, reading your blogs is the only thing that keeps me sane during the many many hours i seem to spend breast feeding :)

Take care
X Becci X


  1. Cool pram - lucky Frankie :)

    Glad you are doing well & Frankie looks like heis growing fast :)

  2. Hi Becci,glad alls going well,Frankie is gorgeous.take care,love

  3. Its really looking funny when one mother will move with her baby by a baby carrier as kangaroo and monkey........ Baby Sling

  4. Oooooo, lovely, lovely baby Frankie.
    Purple polka dot pram? I think so! Sounds fab. (and very 'you')
    Have a lovely week.

  5. Aww congratulations! He's lovely, I've been very broody recently.


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