Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lots of things going on but still no dress

Wow! January has been mega busy. I've had orders for all sorts including band patches, clothing and tons of hair bows. 

The one thing that surprised me was panties. I made a pair from a kit I brought from liberty's last time I was in London, I was surprised how easy they were to make and how much I lived making them. I posted a photo on my facebook page and Instagram and it went mental. Since then I think I've made about 80 pairs of panties, ranging from cute to kitsch, horror, geeky and even a bit kinky! Here are a few please excuse my big bum.

Spider-Man cotton panties with matching nipple pasties

BMovie horror panties.

Ouvert panties.

I'm running a knicker making workshop on Saturday 8th February visit the website for more details.

Another thing I have been doing is splitting the business in two. I now have for all of the fabric, haberdashery and courses and for all of the hair accessories, clothing and jewellery. I've been thinking about splitting it for a while now and one of my very talented friends designed me the logo for shits and giggles and I loved it so I took the step and split the business. It seems to be working real well so far so I will keep you all updated.

I've been teaching every weekend so I've not had time to update the dress making but I'm hoping to get some done on Sunday afternoon I'm also hoping to pin down some dates for a dressmaking courses so check back soon. 

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